We couple a cost-effective process with a focus on special tolerances, sizes and materials that allows your project to go from initial concept to production floor with precision.

We can achieve repeatable high-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.0001″ – 0.0005″, depending on customer specs.

Quickly prototype and test 3D printed parts with Carbon Fiber, Composite, Kevlar, Fiberglass and Nylon.

What We Do

Lower manufacturing cost by up to 10x by optimizing machine time, build process and simplified workflow.

Review your part and check real-time tolerances on final design details with our interactive CAD app.

Our manufacturing expertise allows us to deliver a quick turnaround on prototyping part and assembles.

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Now you can get a behind the scenes view at our process and manufacturing techniques.

Part# X Æ A-12




Part Count:

Turn around:

316 Stainless




4 days

Material selection is key to reduce cost, speed production and maintain critical tolerances.

Optimal toolpath achieves both speed and efficiency, our vast experience gives us an edge.

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How It Started

Established in 2015 in Metro Minneapolis, Silkworm Industrial saw an opportunity to use modern manufacturing to speed the production of prototypes and assemblies.


Where did the name come from? The humble Silkworm manufactures an historically quality product. In service and goods our intentions are the same.

Perfect alignment is key in each axis, we strive for clarity and balance in every partnership.

Feel free to drop a line. We're friendly, flexible and happy to offer experienced insights into the manufacturing process.

We are here as a resource to help optimize your product development, launch new products and get you to market faster. With the ability to view, measure, and manipulate many types of 3D models (sketches work too!!) We’re happy to review any project.

P.O. Box 574, Mound, MN 55364

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(612) 460-1429


(612) 460-1429

P.O. Box 574, Mound, MN 55364


(612) 460-1429

P.O. Box 574, Mound, MN 55364